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What is Green Building?
What is Green Build?

Green building practices

Green building is a way of reducing or eliminating the impact on the environment and human health. By doing this we take advantage of the renewable resources such as active solar and passive. By using green building materials, reducing our energy use and by reducing our waste during and after construction of the building. This includes reduced waste of our water supply.

Green building materials

There are many types of Green Building materials. Finding a supplier that has a source of sustainable materials where forest are cut down but replaced with new trees. Using recycled products is a good source of green building. Another source might be to Purchase from local manufacturing companies which cuts the cost on transportation and fuel. For other green materials you might consider straw or bamboo which is a very beautiful product when used correctly.

Reduced Energy Use

Reducing the Energy in a home is not very difficult to do. Buying 'Energy Star' rated products such as windows, exterior doors, appliances and fireplaces can cut down on the cost of energy use. The placements of windows for natural lighting and a natural heat source means less electricity to turn on lights and less energy to start the furnace to heat the home. The type of insulation in walls and ceiling also has an impact on the energy used in a home. Take advantage of renewable energy through using solar power.

Reduced Waste

The construction phase of building a home can generate many tons of waste. A well designed house takes advantage of reduced waste going to the landfill. Take into consideration the amount of water being wasted when using the dishwasher washer for laundry and water we use to shower. This wasted water is now considered Greywater. Greywater is a good source for irrigating plants and trees. If treated correctly it could also be used for non-potable purposes such as flush toilets and/or for washing cars.

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